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What Is Automatic Cartoning Machine?

An automatic cartoning machine also named auto cartoner machine, is a packaging equipment, which inserts products into cartons automatically. The auto cartoner machine has combined the function, sucking cartons, forming cartons, folding leaflets, products, and leaflets together into cartons, printing batch numbers, sealing boxes, and rejecting and transferring the final products out. The automatic cartoning machine can reduce the working intensity and save labor force costs; and improve automation and production efficiency. The auto cartoner machine is widely applied to carton packaging of pharmaceuticals,food, cosmetics, stationery hardware, and so on. HIJPACK is the one of famous cartoning machine suppliers, which offers a variety of automatic cartoning machines, automatic box packing machines, and automatic cartons, if you want to know more about auto cartoner machines and cartoning machine prices, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Types of Automatic Cartoning Machine


Famous brand

Electrical components of auto cartoner machines are Internationally famous brands, such as PLC touch screens, frequency inverters, etc.


The auto cartoner machine adopts a human-machine operation system.


The automatic cartoning machine automatically stop when machine is overload.


The automatic cartoning machine automatically rejects the lacking package product and leaflet.

Easy operation

The auto cartoner machine automatically displays trouble, Alarm, and count finished products.

Stable performance, operation is easy.

Working Principle of the Automatic Cartoning Machine

Product feeding

The automatic cartoning machine receives products from the production line, such as bottles, tubes, or blister packs.

Carton forming

Flat cardboard sheets are transformed into cartons through folding and gluing.

Product insertion

Mechanical arms or robotic systems accurately place the products into the formed cartons.

Leaflet insertion

If required, the auto cartoner machine can insert leaflets or instruction manuals into the cartons.

Carton closure

Various methods like hot melt glue, tuck-in flaps, or adhesive tapes are used to seal the cartons.

Quality control

Sensors and vision systems ensure proper product insertion, carton closure, and overall quality control.

Carton ejection

Defective or improperly filled cartons are automatically rejected from the production line.

Speed and efficiency

The auto cartoner machine operates at high speeds, enhancing productivity.


Auto cartoner machines can handle a wide range of product sizes and shapes, making them suitable for various industries.

User-friendly interface

The cartoning packaging machine features a user-friendly control panel for easy monitoring and adjustment.

Automatic Cartoning Machine Standard Features

Innovative Design for Efficiency

At the heart of the automatic cartoning machine's design, the cartoning machine features a rotary suction box way, which optimizes the picking and placing of cartons, ensuring a smooth and continuous operation. Auto cartoner machine, combined with an auxiliary box opening device, guarantees that each carton is precisely opened and ready for product insertion, contributing to the machine’s overall speed and efficiency.

Intelligent Control System

Equipped with a state-of-the-art PLC control system and an intuitive HMI (Human-Machine Interface), the Automatic Cartoning Machine offers unparalleled control over the packaging process. This advanced system allows for easy monitoring and adjustments on the fly, ensuring that operations run smoothly and efficiently, with minimal downtime.

Durable and Hygienic Construction

The auto cartoner machine boasts a full 304 stainless steel cover, not only providing a robust and durable exterior but also ensuring compliance with the highest hygiene standards. This makes it ideal for industries where cleanliness and product integrity are paramount, such as food and pharmaceuticals.

Advanced Safety Features

An advanced overload protection system is a testament to the machine’s sophisticated design, safeguarding against potential damage caused by overloading. This automatic cartoning machine's feature ensures the longevity of the machine and protects the products being packaged, as well as the operators.

Flexible and User-Friendly Operation

The automatic box filling machine’s size-changing structure, equipped with a ruler, allows for quick and easy adjustments to accommodate different carton sizes. This flexibility is further enhanced by the “no product, no suction box” function, which ensures that the machine operates only when products are present for packaging, reducing waste and improving efficiency.

FAQs of Automatic Cartoning Machine

How does an Automatic Cartoning Machine work?

On line product feeding and detecting, leaflet fold(1-4folds) and feeding, leaflet detecting, canton opening and forming, products and leaflet pushing into carton, printing batch number, sealing carton with tuck-in or hot melt glue device.

Automatically reject lacking of leaflet or product and finished product out.

What types of products can be packaged with an Automatic Cartoning Machine?

Automatic Cartoning machine can package many products, such as medicine packaging, food packaging, cosmetics packaging, daily necessities packaging, coffee packaging, toy packaging and so on, widely used in various fields.

What is the capacity of an Automatic Cartoning Machine?

The maximum encasing speed of the automatic cartoning machine can reach 120 boxes/min, and the minimum encasing speed can reach 30 boxes/min. Meet the requirements of different factories for packing speed.

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